What exactly is Kick?

Kick is self-driving bookkeeping for the modern business owner. "Kick helps you minimize audit risk, save money on your taxes, and gives you the financial confidence you need to build a more profitable business." Sign up for Kick Early Access.

What does Kick cost?

Most bookkeepers start at $200-300/month. Unlike existing options in the market, Kick is completely free until you’ve hit $15,000 in business expenses and then starts at $49/month.

Kick is priced competitively and as you scale, your cost per categorization decreases for every new dollar we save you. This means you can you connect all your accounts and businesses, without having to worry.

How does Kick work?
  1. Connect your accounts - Securely sync bank accounts, credit cards and apps in <5 minutes
  2. We categorize transactions - Get your books handled for less audit risk, more savings and CPA-approved accuracy
  3. Get a real-time P&L - Get confident about what's driving your profitability, and eliminate unnecessary expenses
  4. Only pay when you save - Get your first $5k in savings credits free or upgrade to handle your last years books
Do I need an LLC in order to sign up?

Nope! While setting up an LLC can be used for legal protection, and potential tax savings if you convert to an S Corp–the majority of businesses start without one. If you'd like to set up an LLC or S Corp, send an email to and we'll refer you to the right place.

Can I open an account if I'm not located in the U.S.?

Kick works best if you need to pay U.S. taxes. While we can work with digital nomads, we’re not yet built to support international businesses. Join our Kick Early Access for updates as we add new country support.


Can I trust my data with Kick?

Yes! Kick has gone through rigorous 3rd party PEN testing to ensure the highest security standards. Email for any questions.


How do I close my Kick account?

You can update or pause your subscription at any time in your Billing settings. To delete your account and erase your data, reach out to